Community Etiquette


Vahimsa is an intentional vegan community; meat, eggs, dairy, etc. are not permitted on the property under any circumstances. This includes your private camp sites, seasonal community member homes and the Community Center.


Veganism is not up for debate at Vahimsa. All guests must be respectful of the vegan lifestyle or they will be asked to leave.



Vahimsa is a peaceful, all-inclusive vegan community; discrimination and bullying will not be tolerated. All are welcome regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability, etc. We are only on this earth for a short time, lets spread peace and love instead of hate.



To ensure the safety and privacy of our seasonal community members we require guests to make arrangements with a community resident before visiting or camping. Please do not just stop by unannounced.

 *Planned events which are opened to the public are the exception to this rule. If an event is posted on our website, feel free to come join us. Please check our website for planned event details.


Please keep in mind we are an off the grid community. If you are coming to visit or camp, you will need to bring your own water, flashlight/headlamp,  food, etc. & be prepared to become one with nature.


BYOB is permitted if you are camping but NO under age drinking is allowed on the property.


Please keep in mind, the tiny houses at Vahimsa are not show houses, we live in them. Community members generally do not give tours of their homes. You are welcome to check them out from the outside. :)


Please clean up after yourselves. If it’s a potluck, wash your dish, pick up your trash and put bottles & cans in the recycling bin. When camping, do not litter. Leave no trace & nothing behind but your foot prints.


Anyone who disrupts the peace in our community will be asked to leave the property.